News In Tech: What We’re Excited About This Week – May 10, 2019

Patrick McCloryAI, DevOps Automation

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We’re constantly keeping an eye on the news. And by ‘the news’ we mean the constant deluge of posts from the 4 corners of the internet. As we work with our customers and even develop our own tooling and products, it’s inevitable that we find things that pique our interest. Here’s this week’s roundup of News in Tech: cool stuff we’re excited about!

Google and Cloud TPU Pods

We use Kubernetes and with their recent announcement, using TPU attached at the pod level is now closer to a reality for more of the GKE ecosystem. What’s so cool about this particular news in tech? For us, we love the idea of having the flexibility and control of attaching TPU at a container level on-demand via annotations in our k8s manifests. We can scope TPU usage on-demand to jobs when they need the capability instead of needing to handle it persistently at the machine level. Awesome stuff.

You can learn more about the underlying architecture of TPUs in this blog post. Or this interactive website, and you can learn more about individual Cloud TPU devices and Cloud TPU Pod slices here.

Spacy 2.1!

In case you missed this spicy news in tech tidbit: Spacy 2.1 was released in March. We love being able to leverage this toolset for rapid NLP prototyping and model generation. With some specific and significant performance-focused improvements, we’ll attest to saying that these updates are both significant and meaningful. Especially in terms of saving us time and allowing us to iterate quickly.

Rational AI Ops, DevOps and CloudOps

Everyone, and we mean everyone is talking about how AI will impact DevOps and other automated IT efforts. We’re pragmatists. We think that there’s both great value there as well as a lot of work to be done. So, when we saw IT Pro Portal’s recent coverage of this subject, we appreciated their balanced approach.

AI’s rosy future depends on cloud services — and a big dose of reality

Brad Parks

And that’s all for the news in tech this week! Join us as we take a look across the web and around the world next week to see what we’re excited about!