An Inconvenient Truth: The Rise of Netflix Alternatives

David DumasNews

Netflix alternatives and what they mean

For years, Netflix had it good. Now, according to Forbes’ Stephen McBride, the honeymoon is over. Netflix alternatives are now plentiful, but that isn’t the only reason the streaming giant should be concerned. As McBride lays out in his exceptional Forbes article, the glory days of Netflix are quickly coming to an end. If they’re not already over. Netflix alternatives … Read More

The Role of AI in the Legal Cannabis Industry

Patrick McCloryAI, DataOps, AI & ML Services, DevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

The role of AL and ML in the legal cannabis industry

Now that “legalize it!” is quickly becoming reality more than rallying cry, there are opportunities for AI and ML to step in. The role of AI in the legal cannabis industry is starting to take shape and could have far-reaching application in other arenas. AI and Machine learning have seen huge advances over the last few years. We are able … Read More

AI Is Creating a New Generation of Machine Learning Applications

Patrick McCloryAI, DevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

Usually, when you hear about artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), you think of a far away future. The idea itself may conjure up notions of However, the truth is that these machine learning applications are already upon us. Don’t be scared. They aren’t here to replace humans or take their jobs (just yet). In fact, they are likely … Read More

Won’t You Be My K-Nearest Neighbor?

Patrick McCloryDataOps, AI & ML Services

k-nearest neighbor - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Experts

K-nearest neighbor (k-NN) is a non-parametric technique that can be used for classification and regression predictive problems. However, it is more widely used in classification problems. It is also a supervised learning algorithm. This means that the training data is known and the algorithm outputs a prediction based on what it has learned from past data. In classification and regression … Read More

Amazon SageMaker’s DeepAR Forecasting

Patrick McCloryDataOps, AI & ML Services

Businesses have used forecasting for some time as a way of predicting a future outcome. For example, Amazon uses forecasting to anticipate the product and labor demand in their fulfillment and distribution centers. Especially around major shopping days. For example, Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are tremendously busy days for the retailer. Properly forecasting around these, and other … Read More

Diving into Gaussian Mixture Modeling

Patrick McCloryDataOps, AI & ML Services

Gaussian mixture modelling is a statistical method of projecting smaller samples onto larger populations. The Gaussian mixture model was around long before machine learning, even as early as 1846. However, mathematician Karl Pearson’s work in 1894 is the earliest explicit reference to this mixture model. Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician who made notable contributions to the field, lends his … Read More