How Our Approach To ITSM Is Failing Our Clients Big Time

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ITSM is failing

If we were to chart global business demand for technology and IT’s ability to deliver it, we’d get something looking like an upward right curve. In this graphing, business is more aggressive at demanding technology than IT has been at delivering it. This leads us to question whether or not we’re doing things the right way and whether ITSM is … Read More

Implementing a DevOps Strategy the Right Way

David DumasDevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

devops strategy

If you aren’t currently implementing DevOps in the workplace, it’s likely you’ve at least heard about it. Today’s environment nearly demands it. IT teams need to work better and faster every day to keep up with the speed, security, and stability required by the business. You can’t approach DevOps without a greater understanding of its value as well as a … Read More

How to Reduce Costs With DevOps in 5 Steps

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reduce cost with devops

Is your organization practicing DevOps? This IT practice is known for its ability to increase efficiencies and reduce redundancy. However, you can also reduce costs with DevOps as well. Does that last part grab your attention? Whether your organization is new to the concept of DevOps or if you simply haven’t noticed more room in your budgeting after implementing it, … Read More

The Many Benefits of DevOps for Business Which You Can Start Today

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DevOps for business

In today’s world, it isn’t enough to try and outpace the competition alone. Too many industries have adopted advanced IT tools that perform better at every turn. In this fast-paced environment, where can you turn? Perhaps by taking a DevOps for business approach? Often, when people hear “DevOps” they think big picture. As a result, our minds imagine artificial intelligence … Read More

AI & Ethics: Are We Making It More Difficult On Ourselves?

Patrick McCloryAI

AI & ethics

Not too long ago we discussed the AI Apocalypse as it pertained to the Facebook #TenYearChallenge. Is Facebook evil? Are we evil for helping usher in our own demise? As we put it: not quite. However, AI & ethics seem inexorably linked and for good reason. This is part of an ongoing series on the question of AI and ethics. … Read More

What Do Ancient Greek Robots, AI and Business Have In Common?

Patrick McCloryAI

When most of us think about about robots, we are likely to think about the future. At least, an idea of the future. That idea may be positive or negative depending upon which particular science fiction universe you’re thinking of. There’s a big divide between “The Jetsons” and “Terminator.” We don’t fare so well in the latter. A “New” Idea? … Read More

Should DevOps Implementation Prioritize Consistency?

Patrick McCloryDevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

One of the many advertised benefits of DevOps is to increase efficiency and decrease the timeline from production to deployment. At least, that is often the goal; and it’s also one of the cornerstone components of DevOps in our humble opinion. However, making the transition isn’t always easy. In fact, a lot of companies struggle with this. In a recent … Read More