What Do Ancient Greek Robots, AI and Business Have In Common?

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When most of us think about about robots, we are likely to think about the future. At least, an idea of the future. That idea may be positive or negative depending upon which particular science fiction universe you’re thinking of. There’s a big divide between “The Jetsons” and “Terminator.” We don’t fare so well in the latter. A “New” Idea? … Read More

And Now The Real Question: Just What is DevOps?

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The term “DevOps” has been creeping into our collective industry language for some time. It’s to the point where it’s quickly becoming a buzzword. However, while the term may be fairly new, the concept isn’t. In many ways, it’s a return to the roots of computing. A time when engineers (then working on mainframes) were both ‘developer’ and ‘operator’ of … Read More

A Data Velocity Lesson From an Unlikely Source

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I found a really novel setup for cycling a very common toolset (MySQL) in one of the unlikeliest places. Can we learn anything about data velocity from helping a friend deal with their ‘less than awesome’ deployment of WordPress? As it turns out, yes!  If you’ve got a WordPress backup and the corresponding MySQL dump, you can pretty easily set … Read More

Why Business Intelligence Just Isn’t Enough Today

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Let’s start out with a few data points: Data growth continues to outpace even the most aggressive projections Survey research continues to show that ‘gaining deeper insights’ into data is the biggest single driver of projects in the space And yet, somewhere between 60 and 85% of all ‘big data’ projects fail What’s a curious, enterprising or even desperate executive to do? Are we really going to run 3 … Read More