Tech and DevOps News that caught our eye this week – May 17, 2019

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This week found us cheering for friends, digging deeper in our DevOps philosophy and thinking more about what’s ahead. In the world of DevOps, AI, ML, and more; things are always happening. Therefore, we’re always excited to share what we found! Check out the news that caught our attention this week:

Bitnami + VMWare

After our recent webinar with Matthew Small and Bitnami on Airflow, we’re excited to see them partnering up with VMWare to expand their reach.

As a result of their open source philosophy, they’ve helped to shape the entire industry, even for those who don’t even use their packaged applications. We’re definitely looking forward to what’s next here!

Kubernetes Clusters are Cattle…

It’s a great reminder, and something that’s hard to remember at times, but we agree that these clusters should be cattle, not pets. While maybe an ‘obvious’ statement, as we continue building our platform, it’s a timely reminder for us and might be for others, so we thought we’d share!

Wednesday was ML + Medicine day?

We’re always fascinated by the new and different ways AI and ML are being used in the real world. As this trend continues, this technology’s integration into our lives will be far reaching.

That’s why scour the web for Tech and DevOps news to share. We’re not sure why, but when we cracked open the news on Wednesday morning, it was all about medicine:

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That’s All For Tech and DevOps News This Week!

And that’s it! Keep checking back with us down the road as we continue to explore all the tech and DevOps news that catches our eye!