Why We Build Stuff.

Our focus is on driving value in our customer engagements. In many cases, this means figuring out ways to 'get to the point' faster and often times benefits from some 'pre-baking' of parts of solutions. Other times we find it helpful to come to the table with fully-fledged solutions that allow us to get moving much faster, even if we do need to make changes over time. Building these out as products gives us the ability to make these kinds of changes much more easily. 

We focus on building APIs and the 'glue' that brings open source and proprietary solutions together in concert to produce awsome results. API-first, serverless, built to scale and secure, our solutions start with a common set of best-in-class components to allow us to rapidly and reliably scaffold solutions from 'zero-to-60.' Great ideas today become products tomorrow and that can give our customers the ability to focus what makes them unique.

Container-based Data Analysis Environment(s)

We're constantly setting up environments to test, validate and try out new and emerging technologies. Along the way we tend to learn a few things about building, running and managing systems at scale. Fairly recently, we've done a lot of work in helping a few organizations build large, robust and high performance data pipelines using a diverse set of techologies. Whether you need a 'starter kit' or the 'super glue' that binds it all together, we've built that and are working to see if there are ways to offer that capability as a service. 


App and Dev-Focused Automation


From git repository creation to boilerplate code generation and continuous integration configuration, there are a ton of great ways to build on best practices but keeping it consistent can be painful. When we find ourselves re-inventing the wheel every few months we know it's time to package things up and build something more robust - even if it's just for our own internal use. If you're interested in finding out more or letting us know you'd be interested in our public version of this solution, drop us a note below!

Let Us Know How We Can Help.

We know that sometimes the hardest part of any project or new effort is that of just getting things moving. We've helped hundreds of organizations take first, second and hundredth steps along the way. Regardless of what stage your project or effort is in - we can help and we're excited to engage.

Drop us a line and give us a quick idea of what you're trying to accomplish or how you think we can help. We'll reach out as soon as we can (nearly always within one business day) to touch base and schedule a 30 minute introductory call to talk about your needs in greater depth and talk a bit about how we can help!