Finding the Value in Your Data

Ever elusive, from operational flexibility to the promise of Big Data, AI and ML, IntrospectData can help you dig deeper and go further.

Legacy to Legendary

From traditional RDBMS solutions to more modern solutions, we're focused on helping you level up your current situation AND plan for the new and next. It's not an either/or issue for us.

Dig Deeper

Pair engineering and data capabilities to drive greater depth with analysis and AI tools to make sense of your data.

Serious Streaming

Real businesses don't exist in static snapshots and weekly reports. IntrospectData can help you discover how data streaming can help improve visibility, reliability and performance.

Wider Context

Discover what's out there - in your data and available in the open source world - to help build greater insight into how your business lives and breathes on a daily basis.

Pricing to get started with plenty of options

Data Architect

Starts @ $4,000/mo

  • Tangible strategy focused on your business' data
  • Strategic planning and guidance on AI and ML usage
  • Drive greater value from data with less time and effort
  • Starting at 18 hr/mo

Data Accelerator

Starts @ $6,000/mo

  • Includes all of the strategic guidance we provide our clients under our Data Architect offering
  • Engineering-level guidance and coaching
  • Limited hands-on assistance with your hardest problems
  • Starting at 25 hours per month, split between architecture and engineering effort

Custom Engagement

Starts @ $10,000

  • Custom tailored to your needs
  • Strategic planning and focus on Cloud and Data practices
  • Deeply integrated hands-on assistance from cloud to data and beyond
  • Proactive planning and training to ensure your long-term success

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