IntrospectData offers a unique and targeted approach to today's 'Big Data' and 'Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning' buzzword soup. While these more modern techniques to the general 'data analysis' space are useful and ones we leverage heavily, we're focused on the outcomes, not technology for its' own sake.


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We’ve seen the power of the ‘dig deep’ mantra firsthand. We apply modern software automation techniques to handle the repetitive work so that we can focus on significant and interesting details within the data. Beyond that, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations over the years to be able to help bring real-world context to the patterns and the detail.

In understanding the ‘big picture,’ context is king. Through a variety of external sources and tools, we can help you to make the right decisions around building ‘augmented reality’ for your data. Data enrichment services, open source and private datasets and the like can help to bring more data to the table, but we can help you ensure you’re getting useful information and insight out of the process.

Find yourself staring at reports without any clue as to what to do about it? We fully believe that data summarization, analysis and reporting serves one purpose: to help drive decisions. Put flatly, if you don’t know what to do with your reports, something is wrong. IntrospectData is focused on answering ‘the question.’ From business context and trends to critical decision points, let us help focus the view of your world around the critical questions that matter now and into the future.


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