Go Deeper with our Custom Designed Engagements

We'll compose a purpose-built scope that pulls together cloud, DevOps, data management and even the lastest in open source and AI/ML capabilities to help accelerate you on your path. Spend an hour with us talking about where you're going and where you need to be and we'll bet you won't be disappointed!

Custom Engagement

  • Custom tailored to your needs
  • Strategic planning and focus on Cloud and Data practices
  • Deeply integrated hands-on assistance from cloud to data and beyond
  • Proactive planning and training to ensure your long-term success

Starts @ $10,000

Our engagements are intentionally flexible to make sure we're focused on solving your problems and not on enormous contracts. We try to keep things simple, but can always customize things to meet your specific needs:

  • We bill on a Time & Materials basis unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Our first steps are usually to do some assessment and planning, and generally produce a roadmap-like document to act as our shared go-forward strategy.
  • We'll likely help you plan the 'big picture' ahead of you, but we don't generally build engagements that last more than 3-4 months.
  • We find that writing smaller, focused scopes helps keep our work focused on ensuring our clients are successful long-term. Renewing isn't ever a problem, but we like to make sure we're talking about it on a regular basis.
  • We primarily work remotely, but if there's a need or desire to travel or meet in person, we simply ask our customers to cover the cost of travel and incidentals.
  • The rest of the details of this type of engagement are left intentionally ambiguous - it's kinda hard to describe the details of a custom engagement we don't know a lot about yet! Let us know you're interested and we'll schedule a meeting or call as soon as is convenient for all involved and we'll take some time to figure out what it could look like.
  • Our goal is to be as responsive as possible and turn around documentation, options and even early plans in hours or days, not weeks or more. If you're ready to move quickly, so are we!

Let's get started!