(re)Start your in your cloud journey

Ops to engineering, security all the way to your end users, we'll help you chart the course and take steps to move forward faster with more confidence in the cloud. Whether it's your first step or you've made a number of attempts, we're here to get you on the right track.

Embrace and Extend

Cloud and software play hand-in-hand. We can chart the course and help you level up while making incremental steps toward cloud native and beyond.

Your Team First

Our goal is to level up your teams and set them on the right course. From informal coaching to hands-on training, we're here to make sure your long-term ambitions in the Cloud are as sustainable as they are successful.

Integrated Approach

Ready to shift to cloud native? We look at the whole picture and think that APIs and Microservices are awesome patterns to leverage, but work better when built into a broader architectural plan. We'll assess and help design your to-be system with a plan to get from here to there.

Open Source Friendly

We love open source software and the community it can create within organizations. We accelerate discovery, decisions and entire projects by leveraging open source components and tools and participate in those projects whenever possible to give back.

Cloud Architect

  • Plan and design your environment dev to ops, app to security, end to end
  • Technical, organizational and strategic guidance
  • Weekly check-ins and meetings as necessary
  • Starting at 12 hr/mo of hands-on time with our Cloud experts, but we can always ramp up as the need arises

Starts @ $3,000/mo

Our engagements are intentionally flexible to make sure we're focused on solving your problems and not on enormous contracts. We try to keep things simple, but can always customize things to meet your specific needs:

  • Our packaged offerings are a based on a fixed-price and pre-allocated resource model.
  • We bill on a Time & Materials basis unless otherwise agreed upon - including overages on our fixed price offerings.
  • Every month, we budget a minimum of 12 hrs of time to help your teams move forward in their cloud journey.
  • We generally see the first few weeks as a great opportunity to do some assessment and planning, and generally produce a roadmap-like document to act as our shared go-forward strategy.
  • We primarily work remotely, but if there's a need or desire to travel or meet in person, we simply ask our customers to cover the cost of travel and incidentals.
  • We find that a lot of teams just need a little advice and guidance, but if you're looking for deeper engineering assistance, you should check out our Cloud Accelerator offering.
  • At a minimum we'll check in monthly on progress and have open discussion about future engagement every 2-3 months.
  • Occasionally, you might need a little more help than we planned. As much as we can, we work to accommodate these less predictable needs on a case-by-case basis.
  • We do ask for a minimum of 30 days notice to cancel ongoing engagements such as this.

Let's get started!