Implementing a DevOps Strategy the Right Way

David DumasDevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

devops strategy

If you aren’t currently implementing DevOps in the workplace, it’s likely you’ve at least heard about it. Today’s environment nearly demands it. IT teams need to work better and faster every day to keep up with the speed, security, and stability required by the business. You can’t approach DevOps without a greater understanding of its value as well as a … Read More

How to Reduce Costs With DevOps in 5 Steps

David DumasDataOps, AI & ML Services, DevOps Automation

reduce cost with devops

Is your organization practicing DevOps? This IT practice is known for its ability to increase efficiencies and reduce redundancy. However, you can also reduce costs with DevOps as well. Does that last part grab your attention? Whether your organization is new to the concept of DevOps or if you simply haven’t noticed more room in your budgeting after implementing it, … Read More

The Many Benefits of DevOps for Business Which You Can Start Today

David DumasDataOps, AI & ML Services, DevOps Automation

DevOps for business

In today’s world, it isn’t enough to try and outpace the competition alone. Too many industries have adopted advanced IT tools that perform better at every turn. In this fast-paced environment, where can you turn? Perhaps by taking a DevOps for business approach? Often, when people hear “DevOps” they think big picture. As a result, our minds imagine artificial intelligence … Read More

The Role of AI in the Legal Cannabis Industry

Patrick McCloryAI, DataOps, AI & ML Services, DevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

The role of AL and ML in the legal cannabis industry

Now that “legalize it!” is quickly becoming reality more than rallying cry, there are opportunities for AI and ML to step in. The role of AI in the legal cannabis industry is starting to take shape and could have far-reaching application in other arenas. AI and Machine learning have seen huge advances over the last few years. We are able … Read More

AI Is Creating a New Generation of Machine Learning Applications

Patrick McCloryAI, DevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

Usually, when you hear about artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), you think of a far away future. The idea itself may conjure up notions of However, the truth is that these machine learning applications are already upon us. Don’t be scared. They aren’t here to replace humans or take their jobs (just yet). In fact, they are likely … Read More

SoulCycle Gets Technical With CI/CD

David DumasDevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

We were promised flying cars, cities that float on clouds, and robot maids to clean up both. The reality of AI has been slower to actualize. Real-world “examples” such as Amazon Alexa are often touted as AI, though this isn’t exactly true. At least not in the sense of what we imagine it to be. However, there is another company … Read More