AI & Ethics: Are We Making It More Difficult On Ourselves?

Patrick McCloryAI

AI & ethics

Not too long ago we discussed the AI Apocalypse as it pertained to the Facebook #TenYearChallenge. Is Facebook evil? Are we evil for helping usher in our own demise? As we put it: not quite. However, AI & ethics seem inexorably linked and for good reason. This is part of an ongoing series on the question of AI and ethics. … Read More

AI and Marketing Are Changing Things Up For The Better

David DumasAI

AI and marketing

Marketing and technology have always had a harmonious marriage in the world of business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there’s massive space for AI to make a splash. In the latest uptick in innovation, we’re seeing marketers take advantage of some emerging tech to relieve the tediousness of long-time manual processes. AI and marketing go hand in hand like peas … Read More

What Do Ancient Greek Robots, AI and Business Have In Common?

Patrick McCloryAI

When most of us think about about robots, we are likely to think about the future. At least, an idea of the future. That idea may be positive or negative depending upon which particular science fiction universe you’re thinking of. There’s a big divide between “The Jetsons” and “Terminator.” We don’t fare so well in the latter. A “New” Idea? … Read More

The Role of AI in the Legal Cannabis Industry

Patrick McCloryAI, DataOps, AI & ML Services, DevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

The role of AL and ML in the legal cannabis industry

Now that “legalize it!” is quickly becoming reality more than rallying cry, there are opportunities for AI and ML to step in. The role of AI in the legal cannabis industry is starting to take shape and could have far-reaching application in other arenas. AI and Machine learning have seen huge advances over the last few years. We are able … Read More

AI Is Creating a New Generation of Machine Learning Applications

Patrick McCloryAI, DevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

Usually, when you hear about artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), you think of a far away future. The idea itself may conjure up notions of However, the truth is that these machine learning applications are already upon us. Don’t be scared. They aren’t here to replace humans or take their jobs (just yet). In fact, they are likely … Read More

SoulCycle Gets Technical With CI/CD

David DumasDevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

We were promised flying cars, cities that float on clouds, and robot maids to clean up both. The reality of AI has been slower to actualize. Real-world “examples” such as Amazon Alexa are often touted as AI, though this isn’t exactly true. At least not in the sense of what we imagine it to be. However, there is another company … Read More

Should DevOps Implementation Prioritize Consistency?

Patrick McCloryDevOps Automation, Strategy and Planning

One of the many advertised benefits of DevOps is to increase efficiency and decrease the timeline from production to deployment. At least, that is often the goal; and it’s also one of the cornerstone components of DevOps in our humble opinion. However, making the transition isn’t always easy. In fact, a lot of companies struggle with this. In a recent … Read More