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Feb. 13, 2020

For the last 12 years, I’ve had the great honor of being trusted to help companies modernize, innovate and use cloud as a catalyst for revolutionary and evolutionary change in pursuit of their missions. From application architecture to Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and DevOps automation, there isn’t a part of the IT value chain that I haven’t had my hands in one way or the other. It’s been a long journey to be sure. And along the way I’ve learned three important things that have helped shape my philosophy:

  • Change is hard for people.
  • Change is a constant in any role having to do with technology
  • People, teams and organizations want change but usually need a little help getting there

On the surface this might sound obvious to some. To others, it might sound like an attempt to find a scapegoat argument or a reason to bury your head in the sand. I promise you, it’s neither of those things!

In recent years, technology has moved more toward the ‘as a service’ model and a ‘pay as you go’ financial structure. As that has been occurring, I’ve found most of the customers I’ve worked with are looking for strategic advice and a hands-on coach to guide and train their teams rather than someone to “just take it all on for them.”

Up until very recently, this has still required a decent amount of up-front planning and contractual hassle that made actually getting that help more work than you might think. To plan, get ready, agree on details and figure out a kickoff date, even in some of the best cases takes days. Sometimes longer. Much longer.

Starting today, we’re going to do something different. After working with hundreds of customers and thousands of contracts, we think there’s an easier way for nearly any team to get started or re-launch their cloud and data-focused projects.

What’s different now compared to yesterday? For us, a few things:

  • At the core, we’re engineers. The more we build, the more opportunity we see to use those skills to “build stuff” that lets us focus on the parts that really matter for our customers.
  • We think that a little bit of help can go a long way and that having more flexibility drives better client outcomes.

This DOESN’T change our core perspective. That is that all the best advice in the world isn’t helpful unless it’s put through your teams’ lens and applied to the real world problems you face on a daily basis.

What does it look like?

We keep it really simple - answer two questions and we can help you get going right away.

What (are you focused on)?


From DevOps and Infrastructure to Application Architecture, Operational Management and Security, we'll help you level up your 'Cloud game' from end to end. Pervasive Automation, CI/CD and responsive monitoring are just the starting point to this journey.


We'll help you get your hands wrapped around modern data management from legacy RDBMS to document databases, object store and streaming with a focus on where data intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning can be most valuable.

How (do you want to engage)?


You need a starting point, a plan and coach helping to guide you through the process of iterating your cloud infrastructure. Our Architect-level offering focuses primarily on planning, structure and guidance at all levels from the strategic to code-level decisions.


Sometimes you need a little more help and that's what our Accelerate level engagements are meant to offer. In addition to the strategic and advisory help we add more hands-on assistance to bolster your team's efforts and to work side-by-side to coach teams along the journey.

What do you get?

The first month we’re focused on information and understanding. That is,building up our knowledge of where your current processes stand and how we can make a tangible difference quickly. From there we’ll be focused on being your weekly force multiplier as we discuss progress, new problems and needs, and back up recommendations with a combination of code and real-world solutions.

  • We’ll build work from a common, shared workspace to keep all the details in one place
  • We’ll set periodic goals together and keep things updated and transparent as we go
  • Hold weekly scheduled checkpoints to check in on progress and look forward to next steps
  • Take on critical proof points at an architecture and engineering level to help de-risk big changes or areas you’re struggling with, code samples and all
  • Help train and familiarize teams with new and emerging technologies

What if you need something slightly different?

No worries! We’re not getting rid of our old ‘Custom Scope’ engagement service. Head on over to our contact page and we’ll reach out to schedule a discussion to see how we can best help with a tailor-made engagement offering specific to your business needs.

Get started… now.

Cloud Architect

Starts @ $3,000/mo

  • Plan and design your environment dev to ops, app to security, end to end
  • Technical, organizational and strategic guidance
  • Weekly check-ins and meetings as necessary
  • Starting at 12 hr/mo of hands-on time with our Cloud experts, but we can always ramp up as the need arises

Cloud Accelerator

Starts @ $5,000/mo

  • All of the strategic, planning and architecture-level advice in our Cloud Architect offering
  • Engineering-level coaching by certified developers
  • Hands-on assistance as needed and agreed upon

Data Architect

Starts @ $4,000/mo

  • Tangible strategy focused on your business' data
  • Strategic planning and guidance on AI and ML usage
  • Drive greater value from data with less time and effort
  • Starting at 18 hr/mo

Data Accelerator

Starts @ $6,000/mo

  • Includes all of the strategic guidance we provide our clients under our Data Architect offering
  • Engineering-level guidance and coaching
  • Limited hands-on assistance with your hardest problems
  • Starting at 25 hours per month, split between architecture and engineering effort