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April 8, 2019

Usually, when you hear about artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), you think of a far away future. The idea itself may conjure up notions of However, the truth is that these machine learning applications are already upon us. Don’t be scared. They aren’t here to replace humans or take their jobs (just yet).

In fact, they are likely going to help assist us and make our jobs easier as time progresses. That’s what Yiwen Huang, CEO of Inc told last month. Huang is a former chemist who was so fascinated by the field of computer engineering that he decided to switch paths altogether and start a new career.

Let’s talk about some of the advancements and news surrounding artificial intelligence/machine learning and its new generation.

AI Is a Game-Changer, But Humans Haven’t Caught Up

AI is sweeping the nation, or at least, it is in the eyes of CIO’s in the field. But you will soon be more accustomed to it in your daily and/or work life. However, that “soon” is the problem.

AI has advanced at such a rapid clip that it is not always user friendly for human beings. Huang’s new mission is to come up with technology so easy to use that it will be beneficial to not just machine learning advocates, but to the normal person.

That is the mission of his platform, R2. To not have it just on premises, but to make machine learning applications readily available everywhere.

Building Your Own ML Models

Huang’s R2 Learn has a platform that allows people to create their own machine learning models. These models present a problem and provide a data set to go along with it.

“The Machine Learning models are typically used for predictive analytics. So, the use cases are pretty broad as well,” says Huang, according to Interesting Engineering. “For instance, in marketing and in customer service you can build a predictive model that can predict what customers like or don’t like.”

“You can predict the demand of certain merchandise. You can predict customer satisfaction. You can also help with fraud. You can help with stock performance, predicting the ups and downs in stocks. In insurance healthcare you can predict the risk of certain conditions and the cost of medical treatment.”

Other Important Points

  • Companies and businesses can benefit from building automatic ML models and systems
    • Even non technologically savvy people will be able to use these machines. Huang has worked extensively to make these platforms viable for users of all types
    • People and companies just have to be open to AI/ML technology and they can really benefit from it.
  • Not to be afraid but to embrace.
    • People are often scared that these new technologies will take away their jobs or replace them altogether. However, Huang’s viewpoint, along with many others in the field, is that these technologies are only going to create new jobs and assist people in making their jobs easier.

What Does It All Mean?

There are multiple machine learning applications which are cropping up in industries across the globe. They’re also being employed in consumer-end products, most notably during the buying process with regard to eCommerce applications.

These applications are fundamentally changing the way we think and approach business. They are also providing new opportunities for growth and expansion of human potential.

Amid fears that machine learning applications will bring about an automation takeover, Huang sees things a little differently. He believes it is more likely that AI and ML will only enhance the things we do and create more opportunities moving forward.

The future is uncertain, but there’s a lot to like about the direction that AI and ML can take us in.