An Inconvenient Truth: The Rise of Netflix Alternatives

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Netflix alternatives and what they mean

For years, Netflix had it good. Now, according to Forbes’ Stephen McBride, the honeymoon is over. Netflix alternatives are now plentiful, but that isn’t the only reason the streaming giant should be concerned. As McBride lays out in his exceptional Forbes article, the glory days of Netflix are quickly coming to an end. If they’re not already over. Netflix alternatives … Read More

Is Data The New Currency In Today’s World?

David DumasStrategy and Planning

data currency

A recent post from got us thinking about data and currency. And no, we’re not talking about Bitcoin. Although that may be another story for another day. In the article, it was stated that “by the end of 2019, IoT will generate more than 500 zettabytes of data per year. In the past two years alone, 90% of all … Read More

AI Will Replace Jobs. Or Will It? Thoughts On The Coming AI Revolution

Patrick McCloryAI

AI will replace jobs

According to an article that appeared in Fortune earlier this year: Automation could replace 40% of jobs in 15 years. This article joins countless others in sounding the warning bells of the forthcoming AI-style industrial revolution. As we’ve heard so often, AI will replace jobs by the thousands. Almost overnight, half the country will be out of work. There’s a … Read More

How We Are Riding The Wave of The Data Tsunami

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data tsunami

Grab your umbrellas, it’s raining data. According to an article published by Forbes, we’re about to be hit by waves of data. It turns out, businesses are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before. The article, Are AI And ML The Answers To The Data Tsunami?, questions whether businesses can keep pace with the influx of data and rapid … Read More

AI Scares The Public. Are We Doing AI Education Right?

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AI education

An article published earlier this year entitled 4 Ways AI Education and Ethics Will Disrupt Society in 2019 has caught our eye. There is an intense debate regarding AI education and its role in society. Funding for AI-related training and education is on the rise. But is this the right way to do things? Sure, you can also increase funding … Read More

Tech and DevOps News that caught our eye this week – May 17, 2019

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the ethics of artificial intelligence

This week found us cheering for friends, digging deeper in our DevOps philosophy and thinking more about what’s ahead. In the world of DevOps, AI, ML, and more; things are always happening. Therefore, we’re always excited to share what we found! Check out the news that caught our attention this week: Bitnami + VMWare After our recent webinar with Matthew … Read More