What's involved?

Our Architect-level offering gives you access to world-class engineering talent with decades of collective experience on the cutting edge.

Certified Help

Across multiple cloud providers, technical stacks and platforms, we're constantly training on what's next.

Distributed Design

From monolith to microservices and beyond, we're experts in helping organizations combine modern design patterns with modern infrastructure for solutions that are much more than the sum of their parts.

Agile Coordination

Distributed teams and agile workflows doesn't mean a lack of visibility. We work from shared workspaces and we leverage our engineering team to help build the 'glue' that drives easy to use, highly visible coordinated work.

Iterate Often

We listen... a lot. We check in with teams at least weekly and review strategic goals on a monthly basis to make sure we're constantly aligning our efforts to have the greatest impact for our clients.

Architect Offerings

Cloud Architect

Starts @ $3,000/mo

  • Plan and design your environment dev to ops, app to security, end to end
  • Technical, organizational and strategic guidance
  • Weekly check-ins and meetings as necessary
  • Starting at 12 hr/mo of hands-on time with our Cloud experts, but we can always ramp up as the need arises

Data Architect

Starts @ $4,000/mo

  • Tangible strategy focused on your business' data
  • Strategic planning and guidance on AI and ML usage
  • Drive greater value from data with less time and effort
  • Starting at 18 hr/mo

Custom Engagement

Starts @ $10,000

  • Custom tailored to your needs
  • Strategic planning and focus on Cloud and Data practices
  • Deeply integrated hands-on assistance from cloud to data and beyond
  • Proactive planning and training to ensure your long-term success

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