Velocity Drives Value

Take things to the next level with best-in-class strategy paired with hands-on help to engineer your team's forward momentum.

Deliver Faster

Leverage IntrospectData's years of automation experience to build a faster and more reliable process from end to end.

Innovate Further

Shift your time from incident management to a focus on the future - IntrospectData can help you get there and help build long-term vision and strategy for your tech organization.

Protect Proactively

We can connect the dots and help you be more secure from app to deployment - always ready for the next threat over the horizon.

Discover More

Leverage your newfound confidence and additional time to find new ways to take advantage of the new pace of business.

Accelerate Offerings

Cloud Accelerator

Starts @ $5,000/mo

  • All of the strategic, planning and architecture-level advice in our Cloud Architect offering
  • Engineering-level coaching by certified developers
  • Hands-on assistance as needed and agreed upon

Data Accelerator

Starts @ $6,000/mo

  • Includes all of the strategic guidance we provide our clients under our Data Architect offering
  • Engineering-level guidance and coaching
  • Limited hands-on assistance with your hardest problems
  • Starting at 25 hours per month, split between architecture and engineering effort

Custom Engagement

Starts @ $10,000

  • Custom tailored to your needs
  • Strategic planning and focus on Cloud and Data practices
  • Deeply integrated hands-on assistance from cloud to data and beyond
  • Proactive planning and training to ensure your long-term success

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A Data Velocity Lesson From an Unlikely Source

If you’ve got a WordPress backup and the corresponding MySQL dump, you can pretty easily set up a local environment using a little bit of Docker ingenuity. If you also then go look at the MySQL Docker image documentation, you’ll find a ‘hidden gem’ related to the /docker-entrypoint- initdb.dpath inside the container: any .sql file you place in this directory will be executed in alphabetical order. In other words, we have a data-driven environment that’s now **safe** to experiment with and when we’re not worried about taking our production system out there’s a lot more room for new ideas.… Read More

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A Data Velocity Lesson From an Unlikely Source
How Our Approach To ITSM Is Failing Our Clients Big Time

How Our Approach To ITSM Is Failing Our Clients Big Time

But through the innovation, the new practices, the shiny new toys, algorithms, programs, and tools; we lost sight of the fact that while business demand for tech is growing (soaring even), they’re less apt to know what they need or how it benefits them. In much the same way in which parcel carriers are looking at their service as a complete offering; from the point of sale to the delivery, IT needs to follow suit. If we don’t close the gap and start connecting the tangible needs of our clients with our ability to get there, we’ll keep playing the “we just provide the service” game.… Read More

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