Meet our founder.

Patrick McClory, CEO

Patrick McClory

Skill Engineer, leader, ice cream cone artist? Maybe his skills span a few of the more ecclectic industry verticals, but that variety has lead to a unique and impactful point of view that is never content with 'what used to work.' At the core of it, it starts with people, is organized by process that technology enables and this model is just as relevant today as it's ever been.

Passion Solving problems. Not half way, not 'maybe good enough' but really bringing holistic solutions to 'big problems' is what is at the heart of IntrospectData and what drives Patrick on a daily basis. Whether it's through technical automation, pervasive data awareness or simply defining goals more clearly, we're always aligning our efforts to a bigger solution.

Process From his background in software engineering and the DevOps and executive coaching, Patrick builds engineering foundations and process to drive pervasive and impactful business results. Having helped organizations at an engineering and organizational level, he believes that the current technical landscape is ready to re-consider how we drive decisions from the ambient data surrounding us.

Results Patrick has built and driven value into new and existing companies from AWS' Professional Services organization to DualSpark (Co-Founder, acquired by Datapipe), he's helped hundreds of companies grow and mature 'in the Cloud.' He's driven strategic product development for organiations and is leveraging his automation, high scale and outcomes-oriented approach to drive change in the Business Intelligence space.